Future Newlyweds at my house;

(posted:  Dec. 8 , 2014)

*Surprise Surprise*

            ♥The young lady is my retired husband's ex-coworker
The small middle aged man and the woman decorated on the cake are the unofficial mascots of two cites in Hyogo-pref. Her favorite characters. We have many local mascots like these in Japan now.

The couple is going to marry next year and her friends in the picture are not planed to attend the ceremony as she'll going to move a bit far place. So her friends prepared to set "surprise cake cut" for them at our house. They brought some things like the Santa costume my husband was wearing and ribbons etc. We were so happy that the couple looked impressed by the thoughts from her friends♡♡♡  Lovely time with Soba lunch and cake :-)  They approved to post this lovely little event♪

He played this song called 'いい日旅立ち iihi-tabidachi'  link for the lyric  This is the popular song used to be sung at the wedding ceremony often; it is an old song almost 40 years ago. I remember hearing repeatedly when mine was getting close:-)

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