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Soba(buck-wheat) noodle  

My husband started making soba-noodle at home in the year 2010, right after he became 60 years old when he retired from his job.   In this page, I want to introduce you how he does it as his HOBBY at home .  Hope the pictures will give you some ideas about noodle making.

For the starters, these pages will tell you about Soba-noodle and buckwheat. I will skip long explanation of what soba-noodle is. Soba has a longer history than rice.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soba,    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat

We have a custom eating it as year-crossing noodles 「年越し蕎麦」.  For most Japanese families, having this noodle with family member quietly at home means to greet the happy next year. There are several theories for how this custum started like the link explains, but the most popular one would be "wishing to have a thin long happy life"    year-crossing noodles (link)

           Flower of Backwheat                                                                                                   Seed of  Backwheat 

He made his hobby room to fillful his dream

His home made buckwheat-noodle and plate

How noodle is made;

using small milling machine

To make flour, reapt this work several times


kneading the dough

making the dough square

cutting board is set

He makes enough Soba for 6 person in 1 setting. first one 5 more to go

Now, just a little anecdote how he started to making Soba-noodle

A couple years before he retired, he met a man who used to live close each other when young. He is working as a sort of an adviser for the person who wants to open soba restaurant. It was when we tasted his soba a couple years before retirement that my husband wanted to make it by himself. He lives an hour away from our house and he had visited him to learn how to do for a while. I wonder if we can call him "soba-master" in English, 「蕎麦の師匠. そばのししょう. sobano shisho」in Japanese.
Thanks to him, my husband had a chance to be able to have this wonderful hobby of his.

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Thisisme. said...

Oh Orchid, what a delightful page you have made here on the miracle of soba noodle making! Well done and for giving us all the photos as well. Can you please tell your husband that I think it is wonderful now that he has retired, that he has made his hobby room so that he can make the soba noodles and realize a dream. Not many people get to do that, so I am really happy for him! Warmest wishes from England.

orchid said...

OH, Thisisme!!!
Thank you for the first comment for this pge.
I showed him your sweet comment and told him what you said. He looked SO grateful for your comment from England. He wants me to say here that he still feels in the basic stage for it and long way to go. He said, "There is no royal road to mastering noodle making." Haha.
Thank you so much!!!

Barbara F. said...

This is so nice Orchid. I love the room your husband made. The wood is so beautiful. He looks like a real chef when he is making the soba noodles. Retirement is a wonderful time in our lives. xo,

Thisisme. said...

I like that Orchid - "no royal road to mastering noodle making!!" Hee Hee. I hope that your husband has many years ahead of him to master the art!!

orchid said...

Oh, Barbara,
Thank you very much for your comment here!!!
Yes, he has time for his hobby, which makes me some time away from taking care of him, p;)
I appreciate your sweet comment, love♪♪♪

Mariette said...

Dearest Orchid,

What a post you managed here! Two 'Masters' are at work here. One in the photos, making delicious Soba-Noodles from Buckwheat and the other one is a petite lady who 'Masters' English in a way that makes us envy you. Considering the gap between Japanese and English it is quite remarkable.

Lots of love,


orchid said...

Hi, Mariette!!!
How sweet of you commenting here for us. My husband always admire you and your husband's vast talent in many fields and he told me to tell you that he appreciate your kindness for me!!!
Oh, I wish I can say I've mastered English someday. At least, my husband I have something to strive for.
Lots of Love, xoxo Orchid.

michiko said...

Dear Orchid san,
I'm glad found here that's my family favorite Soba
Noodle, and we having more in the hot Summer times.
Teuch soba and udon are my special foods.
Your husband has nice hobby to spent his own time.
Someway a good for you too that you can be free to your time:-)
Enjoy your day,

orchid said...

Hello, Michiko-san
My husband and I are really happy that you left a sweet comment here. Right, almost all Japanese love teuchi soba or udon, aren't we♪♪♪ He has been busy giving out soba to his friends or inviting guests to serve them.
Haha, yes it is true that his hobbies makes me a bit of free time, but making 3 meals a day is still tough for me ^^;)

michiko said...

Hi Orchid san,
Maybe? he need start do some other cooking ha ha
And sometime he might cooking for you...
In dream?
You have a great day,

Katherines Corner said...

How wonderful, truly a wonderful post. I enjoyed learning about Soba noodles and the photos of your husband enjoying his delicious hobby. Thank you for sharing with us.
Hugs, Katherine
P.S. my sister and her family live in Tokyo ( her company created Blythe)

orchid said...

Hello, Dear Katherin.
How lovely to see you left comment here. My hubby always looks happy to get one when I tell him (he doesn't understand English well).
Yes, I remember you said about your sister and I hope you have chance to visit her in Tokyo or Japan. Have you been to Tokyo? Hehe, I've never been there.
Hugs to you, Orchid*

Katherines Corner said...

Unfortunately I have never been to Tokyo. My sister has a home in Hawaii too Perhaps one day I will visit her there. Hugs!

lambs and ivy designs said...




私はあなたが私のコメントを理解することができます願っので、Google Translateを使用!


orchid said...

Oh, Thank you very much for your kindness Dearest Dana.
My husband have read your comment and really appreciated your thoughtfulness and compliment♬♬♬

Here is form my husband,
Arigatou gozaimasu, "Thank you very much"

Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

Ann said...

how did I miss this? So interesting to see how your husband makes the Soba noodle. how does he make such a perfect square?!! His Soba noodle room is wonderful...one can tell just how much he enjoys this..and his love for his hobby surely come through in the taste of his noodles!

orchid said...

Dearest Ann,
Thank you so much for your sweet comment for his hobby.
Haha, he said that you mentioned really good point. It must be hard to make it square so that not much waste are made.

Hubby appreciate your wonderful comment as well, sweet friend.

Louisette said...

Interresting articles , nice blog, best regard from Belgium

Giancarlo said...

Felice giornata a te...ciao

Mary said...

That noodle making is a big event...and I am sure wonderful to eat. I did not know buckwheat had pretty flowers or developed in that way...thanks for teaching me.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Orchid,

So wonderful to see the steps your husband went through to making the soba noodle. Such a lovely wooden hobby room too.
I have seen a chef in Japan making these noodles on a cooking show and there was such skill in making them.
Thanks for sharing and I wish you both a lovely weekend


Joyful said...

What a wonderful story. I bet the noodles taste so good.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The sidebar with your husband's hobby room caught my eye this morning and I'm so glad I saw it. ....I've bought soba noodles (where we live in Oregon there are good International grocery stores) and we enjoyed them...but I am, of course, certain they are nowhere near as good as the one your husband makes. I enjoyed seeing how they are made and learning some of the history.

And I ove the idea of the hobby room!

retriever said...

Interesting post educative , havea nice day.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh this is great. Now I know what those noodles are and how they are made. Thank you..Michelle