Two different kinds of Soba Guests on different days;

(posted:  May 21, 2015)

*We had Two different kinds of Soba Guests on 7th and 13th this month*

        Adult guests from band group my husband involved
The lady who plays the keyboard in the band had wished to try making soba "蕎麦打ち, soba-uchi".  The other is the vocalist who loves soba noodle and seemed to have fun watching how noodle is made.
After making dough first; ayou can see, she was carefully observing how husband does and how the process should be.  It seems "spreading the dough evenly thin" and "the cutting" is the  two hardest parts.  She looked quite motivated♡♡♡

Now , her turn to try♪
Soba noodle she made was excellent 'soft and evenly cut'.  My husband said marvelous job and even cannot believe it was her first try. We had nice soba lunch time and enjoyed chatting togather♬♬♬

         ♪ Husband's ex-lady collage and her daughter
She approved my posting her daughter (maybe my old friends might notice she has grown a little).  She's become an elementary school student this year.  She's having piano lesson for a while and played us the music she learned♬♬♬  
Of course, she has to take a little English lesson from me p:-)

The 'LEGO' she's making was the congratulatory present for her from us. We asked her mom what she might want to have in advance.  Oh, she has amazing concentration 'Surprised us' seeing how she'd finished making all that by herself in a short while during the visit☆☆☆

Always Happy seeing she enjoys my husband's soba a lot and ate them up♪ Lunch with her Lovely Smiling Face♡♡♡

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*Happy Father's Day everyone* 
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