Soba-master's visit

from July 1, 2011 post
Hubby's soba-master visited us
We could see him and his wife after half a year's blank. We had a kind of happy reunion lunch. My hubby always buys buckwheat from him and normally he sends us with delivery service. It is repackaged it into smaller sizes for one time use. For food, sashimi was fresh and Chinese-style barbecued pork were tasty. And very importantly, master admired hubby with his improvement and said he may try 100% soba noodle. (usually, 80% buckwheat : 20% wheat flour)

I missed the timing of a good shot, sorry meals are not well placed bothered with plates and things
banana was to put into potato salad


Desiree said...

This looks absolutely beautiful! A work of art in the preparation and presentation of the food you served. I'd love to eat a meal like this!

orchid said...

Dearest Desiree,
How Loveely to have a comment here.
Thank you SO much for your sweet words. My job is helping him to boil and cool it properly,haha.
As it was in July, we haven't served hot one with soup.
Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Orchid*

Ayu Maselli said...


So yummy... I am so in love in Japanese food and how to present them on table,Beautiful really.
I miss Japanese food ;(.