Home-made Soba dinner with Hoame-made plate

from Wednesday, June 15, 2011 post
From mid-May, my husband had been engaged in making Soba-plates which has Golden-Ratio (linked with my old post) with different sizes. It seemed to have been a hard work, he redid making it many times untill he satisfied the result. Sure was the trial and error especially he needed to take it consideration that cider get swollen when it soke water. Totally he maybe has made more than 20 of them. He wished to give some of them to his master for his personal use.
(how my husband makes soba, click here especially for some of my new friends)

pasted fish. rolled egg. fried bean-curd stuffed with vinegared rice

I made Inarizushi (fried bean-curd stuffed with vinegared rice. veggie added).
Haha, picture couldn't do it justice (we enjoyed it ♪) Well, we used to go cheap-priced Udon-noodle restaurant for quick lunch sometime. However, I don't care it now. Both cold and hot one doesn't as tasy as home-made one, especially soup. (you can rarely find Soba restaurant compared to Udon restaurant)
Sort of became a little problem for me now.

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