Soba-gaki; very simple lunch

(posted:  Oct. 24, 2012)

Very simple lunch (soba-gaki and boild eggs)
This type of soba called soba-gaki (蕎麦掻き) is not noodle shaped. As this page said it is buckwheat flour paste. Soba-gaki is no longer so much of popular food, while old days it must have been when rice was really precious for common people. You will know the detail and how we make it from the page I pasted. You might think it doesn't look tasty but for us it is as delicious as noodle type. Just easier for my husband not to make it into noodles, haha. We just pick some amount with chopsticks and dip them into the soup. Thanks to my husband, I have the privilege to have these soba (buckwheat) meal; and I will have to post the hot one as the season is coming (*^_^*)

pasted from this page 

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