Hand-Made Soba-Making Tool

(posted; Wednesday, May 16, 2012) 
Using the former one as a model made by professional (custom-made ordered by his master), hubby made an extra "wooden dustpan (cider) the brush is not made by him" to collect soba-flour. The soba plates he made before (I've already posted and you can see them from here) are kind of popular among guests p;).  It was funny to see him meticulous in detail for what seems symple for me.  Seeing him boasting the way how it came out, I thought I might as well post it, p;)  

messy working corner, he doesn't want me to tamper with his things there

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Frank said...

I have been fortunate to visit Japan many times while I was in the Navy but I did not know such care could be put into making soba. Your pictures are lovely. My favorite is the dust pan or perhaps I should say soba pan with brush. It is striking in its simplicity and its beauty. Your husband is truly a craftsman.