Soba and Pizza lunch♪

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Last Thursday, we have been to the restaurant where they serve soba and pizza; it located about half an hour from our house. My husband heard about the place and we could finally visited there. His checking the smell of soba must have drawn his attention p;)   The owner and he had a little conversation. Later he said that the decorous owner takes great care of the flours for soba and pizza.   Also, I made him a bit blushed taking many pictures there(^^;)

        It was a refreshing surprise being able to enjoy both noodle and pizza♡♡♡


owner of the restaurant

overlooking the lake from outside deck

       We also could observe how pizzas are baked. We loved this sweet young staff.

Soaba had a good flavor. And I don't care for cheese much but I found it was just sprinkled over the pizza and teased nice.