Kitty-chan & Dokin-chan Soba plates

(posted: July 5th, 2013)
Hello friends;  Last Sunday, my husband made Soba and brought it to his ex-lady-colleague house form her request. She has 3 little girls (smallest is still a baby). So he thought the 2 girls would be excited to see his Kitty-chan & Dokin-chan plates he made. He wished these characters kind of surprise when they appears after they eat. However they were happy for the guest and interested in what he brought. The moment they saw the plates, they were overjoyed at them and even asked where is "Doraemon, ドラエモン" (*^_^*)
He looked happy telling me that they were facilitated both the plates and Soba.  
My pictures ended up really bad so I put them in the scrapbooks.

This is Dokin-chan in Anpanman.
Her name is from the onomatopoeia or the sound of heart throb in Japanese. "doki doki; どきどき".  Never seen the Anime, but I thought it is a cute name.

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