Invited to Soba Restaurant

After they visited my father at his hospital, my aunt(sister-in-law of my father) and cousin invited us to the Soba-restaurant yesterday. The owner started the restaurant a few years ago, close to my aunt's house, after he retired. She kindly invited us as they had never tried the restrant before. We were surprised that the drawing room is being  used for the customer, which means the house wasn't originally built as the restaurant. The couple is doing the business by themselves, and I thought I wouldn't do the job even if hubby asks me p;)
I really am grateful for my aunt and cousin for their thoughts and we enjoyed the time and the food chatting for a while.

pass to the entrance

flowers in the front door

ornament (the armor "kabuto") of the children's day was decorated

We have "Miso dengaku (sweet simmered miso)" which is a rectangular miso-rubbed tofu passed over a flame on a skewer. As they are made of soba instead of tofu, may be it is ok to call it "soba dengaku".  And the one with miso-rubbed and the other pasted sesame-rubbed.  

my hubby was observing the way the owner makes soba really earnestly; 
and was asked if he does "sobauchi, 蕎麦打ち"

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